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CPR Training:


The Creve Coeur Fire Protection District is available to teach CPR to its citizens or businesses within the Fire District. If you or your group would like more information on this valuable training, contact our CPR Coordinator here.

Reading is Hot:


The “Reading is Hot” Program is a literacy program designed to encourage elementary school children to read.  Students have the opportunity to compete during a two-week contest.  Ten students in each grade who read the most minutes win a drawstring bag and are entered into a drawing for the grand prize of a ride to school on the fire truck.  The grand prize winners are picked up at their front door by the Creve Coeur Fire District for a ride to school on one of the department trucks.


Safety Fair:


The Creve Coeur Fire District in conjunction with several other local fire departments participate in an Annual Safety Fair in which they demonstrate fire equipment and rescue/emergency medical service capabilities.  Also on display are police and other local government agency equipment.


Shelter Program:


The Creve Coeur Fire Protection District has coordinated with the Salvation Army to open shelters in the event of a large power outage in our area. For further information, contact our Administrative Center during normal business hours.  After these hours, you can call 314-581-2384.












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