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Emergency Medical Services

In 1975 the leadership of the Creve Coeur Fire Protection District was very progressive in its time. Offering Advanced life support to the citizens made the District the first license fire based paramedic service in the state of Missouri. The program began with six (6) state licensed paramedics and one (1) Advanced Life Support Vehicle that was stationed at 11720 Olive Boulevard, House I. In January 1979 an additional six (6) licensed paramedics were added to the District to staff a second Advanced Life Support Vehicle that is stationed at 10940 Schueltz Road.


Currently, the District employs thirty-seven (45) licensed paramedics and six (6) EMT’s. It staffs three (3) full time Advance Life Support Vehicles, twenty-four hours, seven days a week. All ladder, engine, and rescue companies are equipped with Advanced Life Support equipment and staffed with a minimum of one licensed paramedic.


The District remains committed to excellence in the advanced life support arena, working to provide the citizens with a highly trained, professional staff as well as state of the art, technologically advanced and equipped units.


The Creve Coeur Fire Protection District Advanced Support Ambulances transport to eleven (11) medical facilities in the St. Louis area. The following is a listing of the hospitals the District transports to:


  • Barnes South Hospital

  • Barnes West Hospital

  • Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital

  • DePaul Hospital

  • Missouri Baptist Hospital

  • Mercy Hospital

  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital

  • St. Louis University Hospital

  • St. Luke’s West Hospital

  • St. Mary’s Hospital

  • St. Lukes - Des Peres Hospital


The Creve Coeur Fire Protection District makes every effort to meet the requests of the patients it transports. The District transports to all the major hospital systems in the St. Louis region while keeping its ambulances in the close proximity to the District to minimize the out of service times. However, if the patient’s condition warrants a specialty hospital, then our professional trained staff will suggest a hospital that can better address the patient’s needs. In the event of icy or snow covered roadways and present a safety issue or lengthy transport delays, it may become necessary to transport patients to a closer medical facility.

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