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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention is the most effective means for reducing loss

due to fire. The diligent practice of fire safety habits, along with

common sense can reduce the number of fire related incidents.


The Fire Prevention Division employs four full time employees.

All of the Fire Prevention personnel are certified by the State of

Missouri as Fire Inspectors. They perform inspections on

commercial occupancies, educational occupancies, assembly

occupancies, as well as special occupancies. All new and

re-constructed commercial buildings require a permit from the

Fire Prevention Division. Construction documents are reviewed

and approved by the Fire Prevention Division prior to inspections.

Framing, ceiling cover, and final inspections are made prior to occupancy of any permitted construction project. Permits are also issued for fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and other types of fire suppression systems.  Permit fees are listed under Permits/Permit Fee Schedule.


The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for fire investigations. They investigate fires for origin and cause.


The Fire Prevention Division also oversees educational programs for the Fire District. Public fire and life safety education programs are defined as “comprehensive community fire and injury prevention programs designed to eliminate or mitigate situations that endanger lives, health, property, or the environment.” The Fire District is committed to further educate the public. Fire Safety programs are provided for both residents and businesses alike.

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